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The Chair’s higher educational background along with the educational values of UNESCO makes the field of training one of our core functions. The Chair addresses awareness projects designing training for professionals and future professionals in humanistic and social aspects and training projects for professionals in developing countries.  From this point programs are designed to raise awareness on social and humanistic aspects, focusing on the area of eye health and development and development cooperation, both in the context of regulated and non- regulated education.

Regulated Training

The UNESCO Chair, as a structural unit of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) offers regular formal training in Visual Health and Development.  Currently there are two subjects: Visual Health and Development (online mode) and Epidemiology and Public Health (part of the Master of Optometry and Vision Sciences of the FOOT).

Red unescovisión España

Network of Visual Health professors and researchers

Program which aims to adapt teaching content and professional training models to achieve a more social involvement. Provides training, material and advice for teachers who become part of a network of teachers and researchers.

Portada CD Diagnóstico y prevención del error refractivo

Diagnosis and compensation of Refractive Error

This project involves teaching materials whose content and structure responds to a training model called "Model of Multiple Entries and Exits in Visual Health." It consists of two levels: diagnosis of refractive error and refractive error compensation. The material has been prepared by 11 expert teachers and 9 correctors from four Spanish universities. Its entire content is available in Spanish and English.

Portada Manual de atención primaria salud visual

Visual Health training for teachers, health personnel and doctors

Many Latin American countries do not have health personnel able to identify visual and refractive disorders more common in rural or impoverished, being, in many cases, teachers, health workers and general practitioners responsible for detecting and guide the public about them. In order to improve their training, to help them identify potential risk situations and adapt the guidance they provide to their patients, we have developed support materials for training them (teachers, health workers and doctors).

Formación formadores Salud Visual y Desarrollo

Training of trainers in Visual Health and Development.

With material in CD-ROM and book format, this educational project  aims to sensitize teachers on the importance of proper visual health for development, proposing ideas and ways to introduce eye care to marginalized populations . Teachers teach these concepts to their students.