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Cinema for seingShort Film Contest "Cinema to see"

This short film competition which held its first edition in 2010 had the main objective of sensitizing by creating audiovisual material on inequalities in access to visual attention and the objectives of the VISION 2020 campaign (V2020) focused on "eliminating the leading causes of blindness and in particular diabetes, to give everyone in the world, mainly those that are needlessly blind, the Right to Sight ".  The films selected are grouped into two categories (blindness caused by diabetes in Latin America and blindness in the world) and are used in educational and awareness campaigns in support of the Vision 2020 Program, The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Día mundial de la visiónVISION 2020 Program: World Sight Day

V2020-The Right to Sight is a global initiative created by the WHO and IAPB and the UNESCO Chair in Visual Health and Development forms a part of it.  V2020 considers that visual impairment has far-reaching implications that affect all aspects of human development, social, and economic, and therefore makes the right to sight an essential right of all mankind. The main activities of this program lie in raising awareness about the importance of this public health problem, mobilization of financial resources, the fight against major causes of avoidable blindness, the formation of eye care professionals and provision of appropriate technologies and infrastructure. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and treatment of vision loss. This sensitization strategy has also been joined by other United Nations agencies, governments, eye care organizations, health professionals, institutions, philanthropic institutions and individuals. We all work together in partnership to eliminate avoidable blindness by the year 2020.

Portada El árbol de los ojosAs a supporter of this campaign, the Chair has produced the following educational materials:
· The Eye Tree (children's history)
· The Eye Game
(CD interactive).

Una il·lusió òptica és una veritat òpticaExhibition "An optical illusion is an optical truth"

An optical illusion is a phenomenon explained by the laws of physical optics. An optical illusion is also universal access to visual health services that, today, we are working to transform into reality.  Making sure that nobody loses their sight, if avoidable, could be an optical reality in 80% of cases. The exhibition "An optical illusion is an optical truth" revolves around the importance of visual fact and its relation to individual and collective development.  It is an interactive tour that relates vision with human development and the state of visual health in the world.  As part of the exhibition there is a DVD with the same title, about the influence of vision at work and the use of new technologies.

Seminari 4Seminar on eye health and the school environment

This seminar aims to train and guide educators about important visual aspects in childhood and, in turn, provide guidance to parents about them. This activity is part of a broader project aimed at raising awareness directed at schools in Catalonia.


Talleres Salud Visual 2Visual Health Workshops for Kids

This proposal is aimed at raising awareness about the existing visual affectations, for eye health habits and reflecting on the world situation in this topic. We propose a series of activities that reinforce each of these three areas: What happens when we do not see? What do I have to do to keep my eyes healthy? And what is going on in other parts of the world regarding this issue?