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The implementation of cooperative action is necessary to achieve improved accessibility of disadvantaged populations to Visual Health services. The success of these actions depends directly on the level of empowerment of local actors and their coordinated action. The UNESCO Chair in Visual Health and Development aims to generate regional participatory processes of analysis and action to make joint efforts by all stakeholders towards improving eye health in the most marginalized groups.

Foro Centroamericano de la Salud Visual (foto grupo)Creation of networks of local actors in visual health in Latin America

The work of the Chair aims for the coordination of all the actors in the visual health system in Central American countries (professionals, ophthalmologists, optometrists and NGOs) as the main strategy to advance the goal of accessibility and transforming visual health systems. These actors have the possibility of action and effect on the transformation of visual health systems. Despite the improvements in health in Central America, eye care remains out of the reach of much of the population. The project's main objective is the coordination and sensitization of the various visual health actors in Latin America to structurally improve the access of marginalized groups to eye care services.


The VERAS project is the detection, diagnosis and treatment of vision problems that affect school performance of children in kindergarten and first grade in public schools in the selected townships. The project aims to put in place as a state program for primary care eye care in leaving school installed the social and physical infrastructure for sustainability with human resources and local economy. Through an organized network of actors is making efforts to align to achieve greater impact at the opening of the accessibility of health services to disadvantaged groups.

Fortalecimiento institucional de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de El SalvadorInstitutional capacity building of the Faculty of Medicine, University of El Salvador

With funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and through its Inter-University Cooperation Program, the UNESCO Chair, the Department of Information Services and the Library Services of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya contribute to the strengthening of the Facultad de Medicina at the Universidad de el Salvador and especially the Area of Visual Health through training of teachers, supporting research, creating the department of IT services, improving the library and auditoriums and equipping classrooms and laboratories through its partner institution located in that faculty.



convocatoria miniproyectosLocal Mini Projects to develop visual health

Is it possible to find new ways to encourage and promote sustainable and quality cooperation? The UNESCO Chair in Visual Health and Development, the program Visión2020 and El Observatorio de la Salud Visual have made this possible through the first round of Local Miniprojects for Visual Health and the Prevention of Blindness in Central and South America. Participation was successful with 45 entities filing proposals and 4 mini-projects were selected, and awarded a grant.